The triathlon collective birthday party was successfully held
2020-05-26    |    Reading:1431

On May 16th, a collective birthday party held by Iron Man Sports for employees was ushered in. Together with laughter and joy, surprises and emotions were always present, and the birthday party of more than 100 birthday stars was full of ceremonies.

Birthday is an unusual day for everyone, and the collective birthday has painted a warm color for this special day. The company has always been committed to creating a warm, harmonious, inclusive and dedicated family, and strives to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, so that every employee can feel the warmth from the big family. Every well-prepared birthday party and birthday gift are gracious cares for employees and gratitude and affirmation to employees for their long-term efforts. A delicious birthday cake, accompanied by a happy birthday song, everyone makes a birthday wish together. In the interactive part of the game, employees used singing and words to send blessings and thanks to each other, and the atmosphere was very warm. Nearly 5:30 in the afternoon, the birthday party ended successfully. Everyone's wishes were still unsatisfactory, with a happy smile on his face, looking forward to the next surprise and moving.

There is no long-term companionship, no need to talk about love. Sincere care is spread in every corner of the company, and the Iron Man has formed a strong cohesion. Employees can work together as a protagonist and follow the company's growth all the way. Songs burst, laughter films, all blessings and greetings have been injected into the hearts of all the Iron Man family.